Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cite PAIR?

If you use PAIR data or tools in your research, please use the following citation.

How can I contact PAIR?

About PAIR

PAIR is a database of various data for the Carica papaya crop, with the URL as

How to cite PAIR

How to upload and download information

If you would like to upload available sequence data and phenotype data related papaya, we encourage you to contact Prof. Liangsheng Zhang (E-mail: We encourage users to download all kinds of data for research purposes without any restrictions. If you like to use any data for commercial usage, please contact Prof. Liangsheng Zhang (E-mail: before you download any data from PAIR.

About us

PAIR is a part of the angiosperm database (, created by Prof. Liangsheng Zhang. The project is designed and maintained byDr. Fei Chen.


The only information we gather during general browsing is from standard server logs. These include your IP address, domain name, browser type, and operating system. We confirm that we do not use it for commercial usage.

Can I submit my data to PAIR?

of course. And we highly encourage usergs to submit their own data to our database. Contact the database administrator: feedback.

Can I download data from PAIR?

sure. Please visit our download page.

Who should I contact if I think I have found a mistake in the database?

Contact the database administrator Junhao Chen in feedback page.

How can I find what’s new in PAIR?

Please browse news page to get the latest news about our hub.

How do I know what’s coming next in PAIR?

If the user wants us to develop some specific information they need, please contact us in feedback page.

Do I need a PAIR account to access data?

No. You do not need a PAIR account to view any publicly available data.