Overview of papaya BioProject

Project PRJNA352643
Cultivar Tainong1
Data Type RNA-seq
Material fruit flesh
Sequencing platform Illumina Hiseq2500
Date 2016/11/6
Researcher Xiao Jing Chen, FAFU
Reference Shen, Y. H., Lu, B. G., Feng, L., Yang, F. Y., Geng, J. J., Ming, R., & Chen, X. J. (2017). Isolation of ripening-related genes from ethylene/1-MCP treated papaya through RNA-seq. BMC Genomics, 18(1). doi:10.1186/s12864-017-4072-0

BioSamples of papaya BioProject

Run BioSample Sample name Assay Type Experiment LibrarySelection LibrarySource MBases Download
SRR5019674 SAMN05990422 ETH-treated papayas RNA-Seq SRX2347540 cDNA TRANSCRIPTOMIC 5.2G
SRR5019673 SAMN05990421 Non-treated papayas RNA-Seq SRX2347539 cDNA TRANSCRIPTOMIC 10.1G
SRR5019672 SAMN05990420 MCP-treated papayas RNA-Seq SRX2347538 cDNA TRANSCRIPTOMIC 6.4G